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Purpose: Ammon will continue to deliver his message through an Article 3 court. Phase 1 was a citizen protest at the refuge. Phase 2 is through the courts.  The message can continue publically and peacefully in this new forum:

From Ammon:

"The world is listening. We will use the criminal discovery process to obtain information and government records. We will continue to educate the American people of the injustices that are taking place. We can do this through an Article 3 Court in front of an Article 3 judge. This is the Constitution."


Why only Ammon on this site? In “conspiracy” cases with multiple co-defendants, attorneys can only represent one client. Everyone needs their own lawyer for their own protection. Please feel free not to contribute to Ammon and instead contribute to another defendant.  Your generosity is appreciated.

Money donated will be placed into an attorney-trust account for Ammon Bundy's representation. It is Ammon's hope that his attorneys can do the work that is important to the cause on his behalf. A rising tide lifts all ships. 

Funds will be used for legal fees, expert witnesses, and investigators. Hopefully, he will get released and get back to his family and back to work to raise his own money. More info to come.

We will discuss with Ammon soon the plan for any unused funds at conclusion of case, but most likely any will go to the Bundy family. Things are moving a little fast due to folks still at the refuge and the releases. Updates to come. Thank you.

If you would like to mail in a payment please send to 

Funded Justice
140 S. Dearborn
7th Floor
Chicago, IL.  60603


If you would like to donate to the Ammon Bundy Legal Defense using BitCoins please use the following address or QR code. If you have any questions about donating please send an email to support@fundedjustice.com 

Wallet : 1EkAajmPxUaHhrWCjR4S9iCroxtQWxWuca

QR Code

Funded Justice




Project FAQ

  • When will the money I pledge come out of my account?

  • If I send cash will it make it to Bundy account or get stolen?

  • I don't use fiat currency what can I use to contribute?

  • Can I use paypal?


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