The Barefoot, A Resort For All Seasons We welcome you to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and hope you enjoy Barefoot Resort. The Barefoot Resort sits at an elevation of 6,500 feet and is located directly across from South Dakota's major ski area, Terry Peak. This quiet resort is perched high in the Northern Black Hills so guests may take in spectacular views of the forest while enjoying mild weather patterns. The mountainous terrain and neighboring communities offer an abundance of winter and summer activities. Summer brings peaceful sunrises over the valley, cool evenings with few insects and an atmosphere that puts you right at home. As summer winds down, cooler temperatures return, the Birch and Aspen trees beam with amazing colors that, together, indicate the onset of fall. Winter on the other hand, is long, chilling, and even more adventurous. With an amazing average of 150 inches of snowfall each year, winter enthusiasts such as snowmobilers and skiers flock to the Northern Black Hills. Spring is usually late to arrive, but well worth the wait. With the birth of new wildlife and new spring grasses and wildflowers, a trip through the Black Hills will be one you may never forget. The Barefoot Resort is nestled peacefully amidst all of this excitement, and we are pleased to offer it to you. Truly it is a resort for all seasons. Barefoot Condominiums, originally built in 1980, is named after "Little Barefoot," the old mining claim that surrounds the area. For about fourteen years, Barefoot was sold exclusively as year round vacation condominiums. In 1994 three gentlemen from Mitchell, South Dakota, saw the resort's true potential and "Barefoot Resort Timeshare" was born. A few adjustments were made to satisfy a wider array of guests, and thus the original Barefoot Condominiums are now called "Summit View. Each unit has a wood burning or gas fireplace and private outdoor balconies that add to the feeling of home and privacy; larger units also have a personal sauna. Summit View holds another claim to fame; it is the highest inhabitable building between the Rocky Mountains and the Alps, making it even more of an adventure. The office containing a guest services area, convenience store and sales office was constructed in 1999. In July of 2000 "Vista Peak Building" was completed and opened for business. "Vista Peak" has all the amenities of "Summit View" plus washers and dryers in each unit with a lockout studio option to many of the rooms. The lockout feature is unique because owners technically have two units to use rather than one, doubling their time. The building is entirely enclosed so trips to the pool or exercise room will not require stepping outside. The newest addition to Barefoot Resort is "Alpine Villa." Alpine Villa consists of all two bedroom units that include: a king master suite with bathroom, two full beds, full kitchen, living room, fireplace, additional bathroom, pullout sleeper sofa, and cableTV, and hard-wire internet . A common outdoor hot tub is also located next to the newest condominium units. Guests at the resort also have the luxury of enjoying 82 cable tv channels and wireless internet access. Future master plans for the Barefoot Resort include more condominiums and an additional recreational facility. The present resort has one indoor-pool, three hot tubs, an exercise room, a sauna, and a sports court, which can be used for activities such as basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Mostly Barefoot Resort offers owners and guests a quiet and relaxing get-a-way. Peaceful scenery, fresh air, and privacy allow the visitors to unwind and rejuvenate their energy... and isn't that what vacations are for?
21111 Barefoot Loop
Lead, SD 57754
United States
Main Phone: 6055841577
Reservation Phone: n\a
Website: http://www.barefootresort.com/index.php/en/

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