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Arrowhead Condominiums (Double Arrow Ranch)
Seeley Lake, Montana, United States

Arroyo Roble Resort
Sedona, Arizona, United States

Aruba Beach Club Resort
Oranjestad, Aruba

Ascendant by Sunset Club Boutique
Winter Park, Florida, United States

Ascutney Mountain Resort
Brownsville, Vermont, United States

Aspen at Streamside
Vail, Colorado, United States

Aston at the Waikiki Banyan
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Atalaya Towers
Garden City, South Carolina, United States

Atlantic Terrace
Daytona Beach, Florida, United States

Atlantis Concierge Services
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Atrium Beach Resort & Spa
Simpson Bay, Saint Martin

Attitash Mountain Village
Bartlett, New Hampshire, United States

Aura Cozumel Grand Resort
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Avalon Grand Resort
Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Avalon Resort
Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States

Bahama Bay Resort and Spa
Davenport, Florida, United States

Banff Gate Mountain Resort
Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Banff Rocky Mountain Resort
Banff, Alberta, Canada

Banyan Harbor Resort
Lihue, Hawaii, United States

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  • 4/10/2019
HOA Blocks $1 Sale of Timeshare
https://www.courthousenews.com/hoa-blocks-1-sale-of-timeshare/ EAGLE, Colo. (CN) – A woman sued the owners association of her Colorado timeshare for blocking her sale of her one-week-a year for $1 on eBay, which she says is all she could get for the place. ...
  • 1/16/2019
"Better Business Bureau" BBB ? Hamas Gets A+ Rating
Watch this 20/20 live video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unr3DJ59tKM https://youtu.be/unr3DJ59tKM
  • 6/11/2018
The real fortune in crypto currencies, is not in crypto currencies !
Crypto News For The Future, I told you So !   Hallelujah. After almost a decade since Bitcoin was created, the SEC  ( https://www.sec.gov/Article/whatwedo.html )  announced last week the creation of a new, senior position to coordinate the agency’s...
  • 2/15/2018
BBB History Violation Of The 6th Amendment ? Or Extortion To Businesses?
According to the Better Business Bureau’s History and Traditions web page they boast, “The Ancient Problem of Truth. The major concern of Better Business Bureaus from their inception until today has been an ongoing problem of ethics …” further quoting Cicero, “All...
  • 12/13/2017
Think people got rich from Bitcoin? We haven't seen anything yet
December 12, 2017 Recently a group of archaeologists and anthropologists published a really interesting, comprehensive study of prehistoric civilizations and their sources of wealth. It turns out that the most prosperous people and civilizations across ancient history-- and I’m talking...
  • 11/22/2016
Trump’s Pledges to Dismantle Dodd-Frank Act. What does this mean fore the Timeshare Business?
    President-elect Donald Trump is translating some of his populist campaign rhetoric into policy statements, including the contention that the Dodd-Frank Act should be scrapped because it has made Wall Street banks an even bigger threat to the nation’s economy and...
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