Overview & General Information Vallarta GardensStyle: Boutique Private Residence Club. Far away from ordinary life exists this intimate haven where the tranquil waters of the Pacific Ocean softly brush the shore. Located at the heart of Banderas Bay, on two exclusive stretches of pristine sand beaches, are the breathtaking and exclusive villas of Vallarta Gardens Resort & Spa, a luxury boutique beach resort hotel. Incomparable in privacy, these hidden beachfront accommodations are available through club ownership. All the services and amenities of world-class resorts are included to make your stay unforgettable. Each villa features sophisticated interiors, elegant furnishings, and expansive views. Designed to be a second home along the beautiful Pacific Coast of Mexico, you'll find all the same comforts of your own home provided. La Palma Restaurant combines classic Mexican dishes in chic Riviera style with ocean front views for those who prefer not to cook in their own villa. Kick up your feet and indulge in an agenda-free day at the pool or beach! Or book a massage at the Caracol Spa where each treatment is personalized to your needs.
Casa 53, Km. 1.2 Carretera a Punta Mita
La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, MX-NAY 63732

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