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Regardless of whether you are the timeshare owner or the timeshare resort, we understand that the main objection to purchasing a better vacation ownership is the one you currently own. Lower your maintenance fees by trading in your high maintenance fee timeshare. Call us for an approved affiliated resort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?
We offer on-site training for sales and deeding departments. Our representatives are available to assist during sales presentations.

Does Timeshare Trade-ins accept all exchangeable resorts for trade-ins?
No. We have a small number of properties that are on our Do Not Take List.

Once the resort property is traded, how long is the deeding process?
Once the resort property is traded, how long is the deeding process? Once we have the original deed from the owner, there is a 30 to 60 day turnaround. Extreme cases can take 90 days or longer. This is based on owners sending all needed documents in on time to our office. We have a 186 day clause within our contracts

Can the resort refuse a transfer?
We have found that in some cases resorts decline a company as an owner due to competetion. However if the reasons for refusal to process a transfer is not in your original contract with that resort / developer, there could be violations of federal and / or state laws by the resort. Please consult legal assistance and federal and state statutes, or contact us for more information.

Can our company be notified as well as our client when the deed has been recorded?
Yes. When we receive the recorded deed, our automated system will send all parties a copy of the deed to be retained for their files.

What happens to the property after you have possession?
We offer it for rental through a company called "Select Resorts".

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